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Barcelona to extend Daniel Alves contract next week.

Barcelona right-back Daniel Alves the 39 year old is set to extend his contract with Azulgrana next week. Barcelona are close to confirming a new deal with 39-year-old Brazilian right-back Daniel Alves. And the matter is expect to be finalize over the next week. According

Everton show another team to compete for free Eriksen.

Everton have emerged as another club to compete for free signing of Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen. That’s about to expire football with Brentford at the end of this month. Eriksen signed a short-term contract with Brentford at the end of January. His contract expires until the 2021-22

Liverpool interest in Rafinha.

Liverpool have increased their interest in Leeds United winger Rafinha. After Sadio Mane hinted he wanted to leave this summer. The Sunday Mirror reports that. Liverpool are increasingly moving their interest in Rafinha. With the Brazilian winger looking to replace Mane if the Senegal striker

Owen raised Declan Rice to compare with Gerrard.

Former England striker Michael Owen has compared West Ham midfielder Declan Rice with former Liverpool pal Steven Gerrard.        Declan Rice has risen to the top of the English Premier League midfield and has attracted interest from some of the country’s top teams. UFABET

Enrique slammed Sadio Mane with a bad excuse.

Ex-Liverpool star Jose Enrique has slammed Sadio Mane farewell plea as the worst he’s ever heard. The Senegal international striker has spoken earlier about parting ways with the club. Claiming that 60-70 per cent of Senegalese would like themselves to leave Anfield. Which Enrique sees as

Learn more play techniques Poker.

In addition to how to play the basics techniques Poker. We should study betting more. Because it is something that we will use to increase our chances of winning more. I will recommend as follows. 1.Don’t try to play every round.  If you ask why Because the cards that will come

Playing Poker with other players.

Because poker is not played alone. How to play poker well. We need to look and study other players along the way and leverage techniques come to fight. The more information we have We can only play better. I’ll explain it one by one. Think of a card in another player’s