Playing Poker with other players.

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Because poker is not played alone. How to play poker well. We need to look and study other players along the way and leverage techniques come to fight. The more information we have We can only play better. I’ll explain it one by one.

Think of a card in another player’s hand. 

Don’t just think that the cards in our hand are big and we will win. If it’s not the biggest, there’s still a chance that someone else will be even bigger. It’s the point we have to think about. and taken into account

Don’t bluff (lie or steal) too much.  

If you get caught, other competitors can use this point as your by UFABET 

observe other players 

Try observing other players to get used to it. both gestures after receiving the cards. And after all the cards are dealt on the table and each person’s playing style After playing for 15 to 30 minutes. We will have enough data to assess whether how is each one.

Play against players who are worse than us. 

Means playing against players who rarely win. We read his way out or have less betting chips than us. Because playing with players who have good hands. And have more chips will make us risk losing because he can bet by (call) and we threaten him with a difficult raise.

To play a check raise

 Is to pass 1 round to check the cards to see if anyone is following. And If our hand is good, increase the bet every round that comes back to us (re-raise) to lure other players to continue betting.

If the call follows and you think your opponent will raise again, fold down. 

If our current cards are not big enough and we see a player using the same technique as number 5, we should fold.