Owen raised Declan Rice to compare with Gerrard.

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Former England striker Michael Owen has compared West Ham midfielder Declan Rice with former Liverpool pal Steven Gerrard.

       Declan Rice has risen to the top of the English Premier League midfield and has attracted interest from some of the country’s top teams. UFABET Which with the full playability of Owen’s view that the midfielder from “The Hammer” is too good to be just a defensive midfielder By comparing it with the legendary Gerrard of the “Reds”

         “I think being in a midfield position requires a lot of discipline. I played with one of the coolest guys out there, Steven Gerrard,” Owen told Channel 4. 

         “But he is too good to be in that position and play in discipline. He is almost better than a counter midfield. He shows signs like Steven Gerrard.”

          “He’s tall, big, powerful, passes the ball well. So he’s not just a normal defensive midfielder anymore. He breaks the game well too. Now he adds long distance running to his game.”

         “He has become a more complete player.”

Declan Rice ‘s national team selection

  • 2015 Republic of Ireland national team, under 16
  • 2015-2016 Republic of Ireland national team under 17
  • 2016-2017 Republic of Ireland national team under 19
  • 2017-2018  Republic of Ireland national team U21
  • 2018, Republic of Ireland senior national team
  • Year 2019-Present England national team