Luton Town defeated Sunderland 2-0.

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Luton Town turn the situation around in the Playoff Championship after winning Sunderland 2-0 in the second football round of playoffs on Tuesday.

In the first match of the Playoff Championship semi-finals Sunderland was able to win before 2-1. This visit sent Ahmad Diallo, a young wing borrowed from Manchester United. To lead the offensive game with Joe Gelhardt. While Luton placed Carlton Morris and Elijah Adebayo netting together.

The game started in just the first 10 minutes. Luton scored a 1-0 lead from the corner kick. Which was finally Gabriel Ocho, who had hit close and missed UFABET

Sunderland Retaliate in the 19th minute. Joe Gelhardt passes the ball to Ahmad Diallo, shoots from the left in the left-hand side of the penalty area. But the ball does not enter the frame. 

The home side had another chance to win in the 31st minute, Jordan Clark opened the ball into the penalty area for Carlton Morris to strike, but this time Anthony Patterson saved the visiting team.

But at the end of the first half.

Luton Town scored a 2-0 lead until from a corner kick that Alfi Duti opened the ball for Tom Lockgear to strike the net wonderfully. 

In the second half, 63 minutes, Sunderland has a chance from Patrick Roberts to get a single stroke to escape from Luton players before entering the penalty area, breaking his left ankle. But the ball is out of frame, unfortunately.

Sunderland Try hard to score the goal back. but did not succeed Causing the end of the game to be Luton winning 2-0, making the combined results of the two games a 3-2 win, reaching the playoff championship finals as the first team to maintain hope of being the last team to go to the Premier League next season can hold Waiting to meet the winner between Coventry and Middlesbrough.