Gattuso has responded to all accusations from past statements.

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Italian coach Gennaro Gattuso insists he won’t allow anyone to impose bad allegations to thwart his job. After coming to take the position of trainer of the bat football team.

Valencia’s incoming coach Gennaro Gattuso has reacted harshly to the allegations. After he was brought in by past statements about women, gender and skin color from a group of bats fans. Who opposed him taking the role. Following Jose Bordalas, as reported by Marca on Sunday. 

‘My past words I’m a racist? Am I a homosexual? Am I a racist? I’m a woman hater? Are we crazy? Now is the time to be calm.’

‘The remarks about women that emerged. When Barbara Berlusconi entered football was more of a defense of Galliani’s work that was interrupted.’ UFABET

‘Racism? So why did I sign for (Tyeume) Bakayoko when I was at Napoli?’

‘I’ve never had anything with black players. Many of them were my colleagues and friends. What do people who talk about racism know about me? A lion hiding behind a keyboard or behind a nickname’

‘I come from a small village in Calabria, Corrigano Calabro, I built myself. since childhood I went to play in Scotland Do you know what it means to people in the south out of Italy? and show the world what they can mean. I built my career through hard work, determination, sweat, and no one gave me anything. And I won’t let anyone with bad allegations interfere with my work,’ Gattuso said.