Football legend hopes Ten Hag will remain Manchester United

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Football legend hopes Ten Hag will remain Manchester United manager for a long time.

Although Eric ten Hag led Manchester United to a poor start this season. But he also received the backing of club legend David Beckham. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Former Manchester United midfielder David Beckham has come out to fully support Eric Ten Hag in helping the team continue fighting in the Premier League despite a poor start to the season.

The Red Devils currently sit 6th in the table, having lost 5 matches from 12 games, 5 points away from the top four. However, the handsome former right-winger insists that the club should give the manager the opportunity to act in the long term in order to Build a team like Sir Alex Ferguson

“I am a die-hard Manchester United fan who wants the club to do well and get it back to the level it needs to be. But that has to start from a high level. And it starts with the team owner.”

“We say there has to be a change. I myself have said that Manchester United had to change. When Sir Alex Ferguson stepped down in 2013, we never returned to the top level.

“But in the past we were able to maintain that level for decades because we had the stability of having Sir Alex Ferguson as our manager.”