Balogun was chosen and played for the American senior team.

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Folarin Balogun a young Arsenal striker who left Reims on loan. Decided to serve in the US national team. After receiving the green light to change nationality from England.

Balogun can choose to play for the England national team or US national team. Because he was born in New York Before moving to London at the age of 2. He is also of Nigerian descent.

The young striker is enjoying a fine season at Reims in Ligue 1 on loan from Arsenal after scoring 19 league goals in 34 appearances.

He previously played for the US U18s before switching to England’s youth teams. And was almost called up to the senior national team in March. But Gareth Southgate said he had to wait for the opportunity 

Balogun recently traveled to Orlando during the international break and spoke with interim US coach Anthony Hudson. UFABET Before deciding on his senior international selection United States. 

A number of young players can score a lot of goals at youth level. But when coming to the first team. It may take them several games to find their first goal in the first team. Or it may be longer depending on the opportunity, confidence and adaptation to the first team. Which is different from the world with the youth team