5 misconceptions about “birth control”

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5 misconceptions about “birth control

According to โปรโมชั่น ufabet statistics reported by the Department of Health. It was found. That in the past 10 years, there were more women. Who became pregnant prematurely. (Before the age of majority or under 20 years of age) up to 12,000 people and 12% have repeated unintended pregnancies. The main reason is ineffective contraception. or no proper birth control plan because there is not enough knowledge in this matter

It also includes There are many misconceptions about birth control. causing birth control failure until more and more unplanned pregnancies occur

5 misconceptions about “birth control”

  1. Ejaculation outside = not pregnant?

the belief that If ejaculation of sperm outside the vagina make the woman not pregnant is a misbelief because if the ejaculation is around The cervix has clear mucus. These mucus can carry sperm back into the vagina. By ejaculating external sperm, there is a chance of pregnancy as high as 20-30%, which is quite high. and absolutely not recommended

  1. Front 7 after 7 = Not pregnant?

counting the day before And 7 days. After menstruation is consider a safe day. Able to have sex without the possibility of becoming pregnant It is also a method that obstetricians do not recommend as well. Because this method, if it’s really 100% successful, it has to consist of many things, for example, the menstrual cycle must come on time consistently every month (on time, on time) and most women often have various elements. To use this method is not complete. Because most women’s menstrual cycles tend to change slightly each month, some short cycles, some long cycles, or some stressful months. or there are other factors may cause the eggs to not ovulate Can’t get a period

Wearing 2 layers of condoms = not pregnant?

Wearing a double condom does not provide any better protection against sperm leakage into the vagina. Because wearing two condoms causes friction between the two condoms. and cause the condom to tear It’s easier to break than before.

  1. Carry a condom in the car. Or a wallet = can use, not pregnant?

Keeping condoms with you or keep it in a place. That is easily accessible consider good. But keeping a condom in the drawer of the car or in the wallet. It is hot or stuffy, which causes the condom to deteriorate. Easier to inject It is therefore advisable to store the condom in a place out of direct sunlight. Not too stuffy, such as in cabinets or boxes in the house (where the sun does not shine), etc.

  1. Any type of condom = not pregnant?

Many men may choose to use condoms according to taste, such as shape, taste, smell, color, texture, but choosing a condom that can help prevent pregnancy is choosing the right size. If condom is chosen. That is too large or too loose. There is a chance that the condom will slip during intercourse until sperm escape into the vagina. But if using a small condom or too tight. It can cause so much friction. That the condom is easily torn as well.