Warning signs of hidden health problems Cramps at night.

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Muscle spasms, such as cramps, that occur during the night are known as muscle spasms, such as cramps, that occur during the night. cramps at night which is often found in the legs This condition normally disturbs sleep at night, which may occur while you are still asleep. Or while you’re asleep.

Nocturnal leg cramps can occur in many places in the leg, including the muscles, calves , thighs , and feet. The cramps cause pain. and makes the affected muscles feel tight or uncomfortable This symptom can last from several seconds to minutes. Although this condition is more common in adults over 50, it can occur in children and younger adults. and can occur in both females and males.

At present, the exact cause of cramps is not known. But it is believed that this may be caused by the tendons and muscles not being stretched often. Therefore causing it to contract or tense easily. Especially when those muscles are used too much. It is also believed that It may be caused by abnormal functioning of the nerve cells and nerves that control muscle contraction and relaxation. Or it may be caused by poor blood flow to the muscles, สมัคร ufabet, etc.

Factors involved in cramps

  • Drinking too little water Causes muscle cells to become dehydrated.
  • Imbalance of mineral salts in the body. especially sodium and potassium This usually occurs when there is diarrhea, vomiting, and excessive sweating. or eating an unbalanced diet This can cause severe cramps. It occurs in the muscles of many parts of the body. And it usually lasts for a long time
  • People with low blood calcium.
  • Pregnant women may have cramps more often . This is because the level of calcium in the blood is low. Or it may be caused by inconvenient blood flow to the legs.
  • Muscle fatigue. or weak muscles from continuous use for a long time or hard work Will often cause cramps.
  • Muscle injuries. May be caused by impact Causes bruising to the muscles.
  • Muscles lack flexibility. Tight muscles often cause cramps.
  • Muscle ischemia. If you exercise hard without warming up This will cause insufficient blood supply to the muscles.
  • Lying, sitting or standing in an uncomfortable position for a long time. It makes the blood flow uncomfortable. And cramps can occur as well

Treating nighttime cramps

Muscle stretching and deep tissue massage It is a useful method. And it may help when you have leg cramps at night. The primary method for relieving symptoms is Stretch your muscles first. Do this by straightening your legs and flexing your heels and turning your big toes and toes toward your shins. Then massage that area to relax the muscles. You can apply a hot compress or pain relief cream to the area to relieve symptoms. The best way is You should find out the possible causes of the cramp. Including preventing symptoms by drinking lots of water. Avoid severe muscle tears during the day.