Qigong trains the body and mind, increasing the quality of life in the elderly.

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Qigong is a form of exercise that originated in China. The characteristic of qigong is to move the body with slow and delicate gestures. This will help train the mind and body at the same time. Some people therefore believe that qigong may have a positive effect on health. Helps relieve fatigue, reduce stress, and reduce the risk of depression.

This form of exercise is part of traditional Chinese medicine treatment. In Chinese, Qi means good energy circulating within the body, while Gong means creation. Qigong therefore means creating good energy for the body. Qigong is a simple practice. But use high concentration We can see this type of boxing practice among the elderly. Because it is a relatively safe practice and has less risk of injury than other types of training.

Many people are confuse between Qigong and Tai Chi. Or you may think that these two Chinese dances are the same. But some sources provide information that Qigong is a basic movement in Chinese medicine. Therefore, if base on this source, it can be call Tai chi also has its roots in Qigong training that has been develop into a new form of boxing. Today, we can see many forms of qigong.

Qigong (Qi Gong)(3) https://ufabet999.app is a system of exercise. Which is not too harsh for the elderly, having been develop for thousands of years. and is use to produce good results in those who practice it correctly and consistently. In Qigong practice, there are 3 important components: physical exercise, mental exercise, and breath exercise. The ratio of these three administrations will vary according to the school master who thinks of adapting new postures into his own using the original principles of Qigong which has existed since ancient times. Some schools emphasize a lot on managing the mind/breath. Some schools may emphasize physical exercise, as seen in Qi Gong-Tai Chi schools. Many of which can be seen in Lumphini Park early in the morning every day.

Benefits of practicing

  • Relieve stress and solve insomnia problems in people with high blood pressure. The pressure can be lowere without medication.
  • Prevents stroke and heart attack.
  • Make your lungs strong
  • Prevent bone caries
  • Prevent neck pain, back pain, knee pain and other joint pain. You will have good balance and will not fall easily.
  • Helps solve constipation problems
  • Treat physical symptoms and emotions that occur during menopause
  • Makes the body’s immune system strong
  • Lymphatic System of Qigong practitioners regularly There is faster circulation. Makes it possible to get rid of waste from the body faster. Makes the immune system from both lymph and white blood cells increase in capacity. Can limit both germs Viruses and abnormal cells Various foreign substances, including cancer cells, can be effectively treat. Allergy symptoms often improve. Or disappear if you practice Qigong regularly.
  • Recover faster from surgery/illness.
  • Reduce the use of medicine in diabetic patients.
  • Promote personality and look younger than your age.
  • Good concentration and memory.