Physical therapy for back pain with Kinesio Tape is easy.

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Back pain is a symptom that can bother you all the time, so you want to find a way to relieve it. that is effective and safe It can also be used continuously. Kinesio Tape that we may have seen many runners use. It is a good choice for you.

Kinesio tape cloth or Elastic cloth tape for treatment It is a tape made from special cotton. This type of tape has flexible properties. So you can easily stick it on the skin. It also helps relieve pain, inflammation, and ทางเข้า ufabet, stiffness, as well as speeding up time. in treating pain and helps make movement in many directions better Kinesio tape can also help reduce symptoms of stress. and makes you more optimistic. about the pain that occurs Due to the wide variety of colors available in the tape.

Can follow the following step by step steps:

  • Wipe the lower skin in the area where you want to attach the tape therapy with clean alcohol for dealing with sweat. Allow it to dry slightly for a more secure tape application. It also reduces the chance of allergies.
  • Attach 2 pieces of muscle support tape in an I shape, starting from the bottom next to the coccyx, then moving up to the middle of the back. However, both pieces of tape must be parallel to the spine. Use a little bit of tension on the tape. No need to pull too much tension.
  • Cut another piece of I-shaped tape and tear it in the center of the tape. Use a slight tension method. Then stick it on the spot where you feel the pain. It may be stuck with the first 2 pieces of tape.
  • That’s it, the process of physical therapy for back pain with Kinesio Tape is complete.

From the instructions for installing Taping Sport, one thing that is clearly noticeable is that This is a great way to relieve lower back pain. It also helps support the lower back in cases where athletes need assistance in supporting the lower back, such as cyclists. that requires bending your back for a long time.

Things to note when using cloth tape for kinesio therapy

Applying kinesio tape It may be applied in an ‘I’ or ‘Y’ shape. The ‘I’ Kinesio Tape is use when you lean your spine forward. As for the Kinesio tape, in the shape of a ‘Y’, it is attached to the lower back, and the tail of the Y is on the sciatic nerve, or the leg.

However, what should be done is Kinesio tape should be applie by a professional and should consider the duration. When using kinesio tape Although this has waterproof properties. But if you use it continuously may peel off. and may affect treatment as well.