Detox scalp and hair like bringing a hair spa to your home.

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Doing detox scalp and hair that we understand and have heard about from the advice of our regular hairdressers. that it cleans chemical residue or dirt on the hair and scalp. In fact, hair detox is a deep cleansing of the hair and scalp. While general shampoo cannot clean thoroughly.

Hair health problems are another thing that many girls are worried about. Because the era has changed with time. In addition, advanced technology Hair care and styling products are therefore produced to respond to a variety of hair problems. which is mainly composed of chemicals Including daily living habits in which we are exposed to pollution that is difficult to avoid, such as heat, dust, various fumes, and exercise behaviors, such as the accumulation of sweat on the hair and scalp. If not cleaned completely, it may eventually cause mold. Chlorine in swimming pools is the same. All of these factors cause the accumulation of chemicals and dirt on the hair and scalp.

Therefore, we should detox our scalp at least once a week. To help keep the scalp deeply clean It also makes the head feel light and comfortable like getting a hair treatment at a salon. When our scalp is clean, it will result in better hair growth as well. ยูฟ่าเบท has included easy steps to detox your scalp to make it clean like you’ve brought a hair spa to your home below.

Use pre-shampoo and apply it all over the head and hair. Focusing especially on the scalp and hair roots, massage gently to absorb into the scalp. It is recommended to choose items with names written as Pre-Shampoo, Scalp Detox, or Scalp Scrub, which are items that will help wash your hair more deeply. It will detox the scalp by balancing oil production on the scalp, reducing oiliness and dandruff problems. Makes hair growth more efficient.

Massage your scalp with your fingers. Using the fingertips of both hands, press lightly. to moderate on the scalp By moving your fingers to massage in small circles and gently using all ten fingers to massage in circles all over the scalp. Keep massaging. Try to put the same amount of weight on your hands. Massage the scalp thoroughly to cover all areas of the head. Massage for about 5 minutes and leave on a shower cap for 20-30 minutes, then begin cleaning as the next step.

When the time has expired Start washing your hair normally. Focusing on choosing a shampoo formula that helps detox. Because it will help reduce oiliness and dandruff problems. It is recommended to look for a shampoo that contains green tea, tea tree oil, charcoal, and AHA/BHA acids. These ingredients will gently exfoliate old skin cells from our scalp. Ready to balance the production of sebum or oil from the sebaceous glands on our scalp so that it is not too much. Therefore helping to reduce the problem of oiliness well.

Use all 10 fingers to massage the middle of the scalp. Continue with acupressure massage from the middle of the scalp. By using all 10 fingers of the hand, massaging in circles, following the points. Begin by placing your hands in the center of your scalp. Moving down to the nape of the neck and separating to the sides of the ears. Try to put even weight on your hands. Or you can use a hair brush to massage your head instead. By doing a circular massage technique from the middle of the head, moving down to the back of the neck as well. This technique will help stimulate the scalp for good blood circulation. Reduce hair loss problems.

When finished washing hair Dampen your hair. In addition to using serum or oil to nourish your hair as usual. You should use a scalp serum as well. By dripping onto the scalp and massaging gently to be absorb into the skin It is recommend to choose those that contain ingredients that help moisturize and balance oil production on the scalp. This will make the hair roots strong. Hair growth will be more efficient as well.